Blockchain Strategy

The concept of Blockchain was first introduced in the year 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. This concept shattered the age-old legacy of centralized finance and paved the way for decentralization. This term contains a chain of blocks called a ledger in which the information is stored along with the digital timestamps and protected by cryptography.

Blockchain is a concept that puts an end to centralization by introducing the kind of finance that is not governed by any higher authority. This finance that is not governed by any centralized government or banks rose to popularity and soon it inspired the concept of cryptocurrency or virtual currency. This currency is not backed by any bank and is independent virtual money.

There is more to this technology than what you’ve heard of. If you want to introduce the concept of Blockchain for your organization, then the following are the strategies that you need to keep on the tip of your fingers.

Understanding the concept of Blockchain

Blockchain is not only limited to cryptocurrency. It is a group of blocks that stores information or data where each block is protected by a digital signature or proof. This permissionless system is not governed by any third party or a centralized authority and that makes it stands apart in terms of trust and reliability.

This system makes the transaction secure, fast, and more efficient than the others.

Do you require a Blockchain?

Before going ahead, you need to raise a question, ‘is blockchain a solution for my business?’ Blockchain is undoubtedly a solution to many financial issues globally. The secrecy and security is the main reason behind its answers to global problems. Peer-to-peer encryption enables the company to ensure safe transactions without any leakage of data and no processing fee.

There is no middleman or a mediator who has access to the contributor’s credentials. However, you need to ask yourself these questions before considering blockchain for your company-

· Are you okay to share your information with hundreds of computers?

· Do you want to publicize your company’s data?

· Does your system require end-to-end encryption?

Choose the blockchain deliberately

It is not always necessary that this permissionless technology would be useful for your company. Don’t just go for it before deeply analyzing what exactly you want from this distributed ledger. It is not advisable to go with the flow and waste your funds on a technology that you’re very little aware of.

Seek expert guidance regarding this technology from an experienced person or a third party and learn the basics of Blockchain. After this, you will be able to analyze what kind of blockchain is fruitful for your company.

Build a team of experts

If you want to join hands with more contributors, it would be good if you hire a team of professionals for your company who are well aware of the mechanism of Blockchain. It can help you grow your business and build trust amongst the contributors.

Stay up-to-date with the changes

Keep having an eye on the uncertainty that comes in handy with this technology. This system is new for everyone so the chances of changing its regulations and framework are on the higher end. Therefore, if you keep monitoring the laws and regulations of the system, it will help in changing the operations of your blockchain.

Caizcoin is also a newly launched cryptocurrency that strategically works on the concept of Islamic Blockchain. This system is based on Sharia laws that are feasible and fruitful for everyone. The transparency, safety, and efficiency of this coin are helpful for insecure and free transactions.

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