Caiz Holding AG wins the Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA)

Caiz Holding AG is an international company that offers global financial services. It works in bringing together the contemporary and Islamic world to proclaim the importance of Islamic financial laws. Caiz, meaning legit, is a legal term that defines the legitimacy of this company.

Caiz Holding AG has constantly been working towards bettering the global economy in compliance with Islamic financial principles. Therefore, it has been the recipient of the prestigious Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA). To make the mission more reliable, it has brought forward an even advanced way of finance through the crypto coin named Caizcoin.

What is Caizcoin?

Caizcoin was created by its parent business, Caiz Holding AG, and a team of developers in 2018. A skilled and professional committee, including a former judge and a lawyer, backs the parent firm. Together, they’ve invented Caizcoin, the world’s first Islamic-compliant Blockchain that follows Islam’s holy commandments.

A council of Islamic scholars has also accepted the goal of Caizcoin. Its purpose is to link Islamic financial laws to the global market, allowing every investor to engage in ethical investing and transactions. It also forbids the exchange of illegal activity and provides a foundation for a legal transaction. The crypto coin has been Fatwa-certified, and its Blockchain is based on Islamic laws of finance.

What makes the Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA) prestigious?

Global Islamic Finance Awards are one of the most esteemed awards curated by the Malaysian government. This prestigious award focuses on awarding the companies who have contributed the most towards Islamic banking and finance. Since its establishment, GIFA has been globally renowned as the number one Islamic finance award.

Edbiz Corporation established GIFA in 2011 as part of its advocacy for Islamic banking and finance. There are several categories of awards under GIFA, including Individual, country, and institutional types. Caiz Holding AG has been awarded the GIFA excellence award (Islamic Blockchain) 2021.

Vision and Mission of Caiz Holding AG

Caiz Holding has its 100% subsidiaries in the form of Caizcoin, Caiz Messenger, and Caiz Group. Following are the vision and mission of the Caiz Holding-

Vision- Caiz Holding aims to provide financial freedom to every investor, holder, and ordinary citizen.

Mission- It aims to offer innovative financial solutions where everyone can participate in the financial world according to Islamic principles.

What makes Caizcoin a truly Islamic compliant blockchain?

Innumerable features of Caizcoin and their application makes it a genuinely Islamic compliant blockchain along with Cryptocurrency. Its Blockchain is known as Caizchain, known as the first Blockchain that follows the primary principles of Islamic financial laws. It follows moral and ethical virtues along with world-class technology, due to which it performs faster, securely, and accurately.

Caizchain is 100% decentralized, meaning the users are entirely safe from unnecessary transaction fees, allowing seamless withdrawal and deposit of funds through various digital means.

Our team and features of Caizcoin

While following Islamic traditions, there are special norms and standards, which Caizcoin incorporates into its Blockchain. The team carefully distributed Cryptocurrency worldwide and in the financial industry by a professional pool of talented engineers, developers, and marketing strategists.

Caizcoin has quite a range of features that make it an actual Islamic cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Some of them are-

1. Easy to use

2. Islamic-compliant network

3. Low transaction fee

4. Data security

5. Financing without interest

6. Fatwa certified

7. Capital-backed (backed by Caiz Holding AG)


Caiz Holding’s subsidiaries have an ecosystem that provides a cutting-edge financial solution for the Islamic community and anyone seeking a platform that offers a safe and justifiable financial service. The dedicated team has shown tremendous hard work in successfully deploying a secure way of transaction globally.

Therefore, the makers of Caiz Holding AG are filled with gratitude and love for being awarded the supreme GIFA Excellence Award at the Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA) 2021.

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