Caiz Breaking-News: Caizcoin and Islam Channel TV Partner

to Bring Cutting-Edge Blockchain Knowledge to Muslim Viewers Worldwide

3 min readApr 19

At Caizcoin, we’re always exploring new ways to stay tuned and expand our community. This is why we are pleased to announce our latest collaboration with Islam Channel, a UK-based broadcast leader in Islamic programming since 2004. Islam Channel, with its 360-degree focus on all nuances related to Islam, is a perfect fit for us to reach a larger audience and share our knowledge internationally. This collaboration will make it possible for both sides to cooperate on the development of unique programming and experiences that highlight the potential and effectiveness of a Fiqh-Compliant Financial Ecosystem built on Blockchain.

Our mission doesn’t stop at the development of a Fiqh-compliant financial ecosystem. We are building a safe environment that not only gives our users fair and easy access to ethical financial products and services but also provides them the resources needed to generate a strong financial future while engaging in long-term sustainable advantageous behavior. Through our partnership with Islam Channel, Caizcoin will be providing access to our state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, highlighting the most recent breakthroughs in this constantly changing industry, as well as delivering a step-by-step comprehensive understanding of how to use these revolutionary tools.

Islam Channel, a UK-based Islamic-focused satellite television canal and online media platform established in 2004, offers a wide variety of programming, covering current affairs, education, Islamic values, Islamic philosophy, entertainment, lifestyle, and programs for kids. Islam Channel is as well a pioneer and prominent voice in the international scene thanks to its public expansion in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

“We’re starting a fascinating journey with Islam Channel aimed to demonstrate the transformational power of blockchain applied to financial tools by being fiqh-compliant,” says Philippe Theunissen, CEO of Caiz. “Together, we’re committed to delivering a fair and exhaustive understanding that will captivate audiences all over the world and inspire them to explore the enormous potential of our Ecosystem. In addition to enlightening and engaging viewers, this partnership’s mission is to make a significant difference in the technology industry and beyond. We are eager to explore what comes ahead.”

Caizcoin and Islam Channel deliver a leading example of dedication to exploring frontiers and carefully immersing viewers in the significant potential of today’s realities. Our mutual drive to educate and inform audiences has made us both industry leaders, raising standards when excellence and innovation are brought. Caizcoin and Islam Channel stay at the forefront of the debate as the world continues to evolve, stimulating audiences to think boldly and dream big. With our firm enthusiasm and pioneering attitude, the opportunities for the future are limitless.

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