Caizcoin is looking for Creative and Passionate Team Members

Caizcoin is looking for creative and passionate Team Members.

What are we looking for?

Let’s work together!

  • The Social Media Analyst is in charge of connecting with customers for national businesses using several social networking channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram).
  • Deliver exceptional customer connections to build relationships and enhance client pleasure and loyalty.
  • Each customer’s total experience and impression of the organization is your responsibility.
  • Engage and interact with our target markets to build a strong community around these cryptocurrencies and associated projects.
  • Define our acquisition, engagement, and retention strategy for cryptocurrency communities.
  • As a Social Media Analyst, you’ll keep an eye on what’s trending in the community and look for ways to increase involvement at a large scale.
  • Keep up with cryptocurrency news and developments, and share your knowledge with the team.
  • Fully support, configure, maintain, and upgrade corporate customer networks and in-house servers.
  • Install and configure new server hardware and software.
  • Keep an eye out for any updates that are required.
  • Working knowledge of social media and community management.
  • Knowledge or enthusiasm for cryptography, cryptocurrency, and Discord.
  • Understand how to use Discord, including how services and channels work and the community’s distinctive characteristics and intellectual understanding.
  • Understanding cryptocurrency terminology, purchasing, selling, and how to roll out and open seats.
  • Drive alignment and consensus throughout the Customer Operations team on operational readiness for important launches and developments, collaborating with key stakeholders.
  • Create a strategy for designing and implementing newly announced moderation workflows by providing vision and thought leadership.
  • Support workflows, including turn-around times, accuracy, and quality, and looks for ways to improve operations.

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