Caizcoin is looking for Creative and Passionate Team Members

4 min readFeb 4, 2022

Caizcoin is looking for creative and passionate Team Members.

Caizcoin is a reputable worldwide firm that provides expert global financial services. It has been essential in bridging the gap between the current world trends and Islamic values, with a special concentration on Islamic finance. We provide a variety of Islamic fiat and Islamic crypto options and an integrated technological platform through Caiz.

Caizcoin is looking for ergophilic team members with experience or interest in digital finance. The firm is running quite well and we are looking for long-term team members who are passionate to work with us.

What are we looking for?

Caizcoin is searching for innovative and passionate individuals to invest in, collaborate with, and help grow as a blockchain-based startup. Join our team and work with us by sharing your knowledge and abilities with the rest of the world. We’re looking for someone who can help us tackle a big problem. A creative lead is needed for the project to move forward. The applicant must have a strong interest in cryptocurrency.

Let’s work together!

We are a diversified holding company committed to providing returns on investments that are on par with conventional market strategies while ensuring transparency of all our transactions. And we are appointing for following vacancies.

Marketing Analyst

As a market analyst for a new company specializing in cryptocurrencies, you will be assisting in formulating business requirements for products and clients and helping to shape the future of fan, community, and brand involvement, artistic expression content creation, and distribution.

  • The Social Media Analyst is in charge of connecting with customers for national businesses using several social networking channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram).
  • Deliver exceptional customer connections to build relationships and enhance client pleasure and loyalty.
  • Each customer’s total experience and impression of the organization is your responsibility.
  • Engage and interact with our target markets to build a strong community around these cryptocurrencies and associated projects.
  • Define our acquisition, engagement, and retention strategy for cryptocurrency communities.
  • As a Social Media Analyst, you’ll keep an eye on what’s trending in the community and look for ways to increase involvement at a large scale.
  • Keep up with cryptocurrency news and developments, and share your knowledge with the team.

Compliance Manager

Our compliance team, made up of smart and committed employees, is rapidly developing. We’re searching for an experienced compliance associate to join the CDD team and focus on cryptocurrency-related compliance and content moderation. We’re searching for someone who wants to learn more about this business and assist our team of dedicated financial/technology professionals in navigating the quickly evolving crypto sphere.

We’re looking for a cryptocurrency Compliance Associate with experience assessing customer risk in escalated cases, communicating policy and procedures to various Client Engagement teams, proactively identifying risk factors associated with cryptocurrency Collections, reviewing cryptocurrency marketplace flagged content, and providing management support as needed.

Network Administrator

We’re searching for a Network Administrator to keep our data communications network running smoothly, securely, and efficiently. To ensure effective network operation, the ideal candidate will deploy, configure, maintain, and monitor all active network equipment.

  • Fully support, configure, maintain, and upgrade corporate customer networks and in-house servers.
  • Install and configure new server hardware and software.
  • Keep an eye out for any updates that are required.

Media & PR Manager

  • Working knowledge of social media and community management.
  • Knowledge or enthusiasm for cryptography, cryptocurrency, and Discord.
  • Understand how to use Discord, including how services and channels work and the community’s distinctive characteristics and intellectual understanding.
  • Understanding cryptocurrency terminology, purchasing, selling, and how to roll out and open seats.

Content Manager

We’re searching for a content manager who can: build, develop, and lead a team of managers in charge of cryptocurrency Operations’ operational Content Moderation environment.

  • Drive alignment and consensus throughout the Customer Operations team on operational readiness for important launches and developments, collaborating with key stakeholders.
  • Create a strategy for designing and implementing newly announced moderation workflows by providing vision and thought leadership.
  • Support workflows, including turn-around times, accuracy, and quality, and looks for ways to improve operations.

Blockchain Developer

The Blockchain Developer will be in charge of architecting and scaling a cryptocurrency marketplace platform that will allow artists and creators to interact and communicate in a chain-independent environment.

Join the team as the technical leader and an active member of the leadership team of a seed-stage startup. To align with technological growth goals, engage with co-founders daily, and keep watch of technology trends.

Graphic Designer

You’ll need intrinsic creativity and the capacity to think beyond the box to succeed in this position. cryptocurrencies are a new and rapidly growing market, and we’re searching for a designer who can demonstrate vision proactivity and problem-solving skills to help us ride this wave.

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