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CAIZ’s Spotlight at Legacy Crossover Fight Night

2 min readOct 14


CAIZ community!

It is with immense enthusiasm that we bring forth our participation in the Legacy Crossover Fight Night on October 14th, 2023, at the iconic Rudolf Weber-ARENA in Oberhausen.

Why Sports? Why Legacy Crossover Fight Night?

At the heart of CAIZ’s mission is the convergence of tradition, values, and modern innovation. Sports, particularly Boxing and MMA, reflect discipline, dedication, and resilience — attributes deeply resonant with CAIZ’s core values. Through this event, we aim to highlight the mutual passion, perseverance, and spirit shared between CAIZ and the world of sports.

CAIZ and Roy Jones Jr.: Roy Jones Jr., a boxing legend, will proudly wear CAIZ-branded attire. This isn’t merely a branding exercise, but a powerful symbol of our brand’s compatibility with excellence and legacy in sports.

Ringlife Edmon’s Insight on CAIZ: Ringlife Edmon will discuss CAIZ’s unique position as Europe’s first Islamic blockchain. His exploration into our brand’s integration within the MMA community will provide invaluable context on why CAIZ is not just a cryptocurrency but a movement.

Khamzat Chimaev & CAIZ’s Shared Vision: Our ambassador, MMA champion Khamzat Chimaev, embodies the dedication and ethos we uphold at CAIZ. In a thrilling update from the MMA world, Khamzat is slated to face Kamaru Usman at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi, following Paulo Costa’s withdrawal. Read more about the anticipated fight here. We wholeheartedly wish Khamzat all the best for this bout! To further highlight our shared values and commitment, we’re thrilled to raffle a CAIZ T-shirt autographed by Khamzat and CAIZ Tokens for our supportive community. This gesture emphasizes the confluence of MMA values with CAIZ’s vision.

The Legacy Crossover Fight Night isn’t just a sports event; it’s a testament to the potent synergy between CAIZ’s mission and the indomitable spirit of sports. We cordially invite our community and enthusiasts to be part of this monumental night.

For an in-depth dive into the event specifics, kindly check out the Legacy Event Link.

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