Fintech stocks to consider

Fintech, also known as financial technology has a broad definition in the present generation. In simpler terms, fintech is a technology that automates the traditional methods of finance in a better and smarter way. If you’re using online banking, digital wallets, and stock trading, then you’re already a client of this technology.

As financial technology is growing rapidly, so are the fintech stocks. Stocks are the certification that indicates the ownership of the company. So, now you know that a fintech stock is generally referred to as a company specializing in fintech services. There are a lot of growing and established fintech stocks that are gaining wide popularity in the stock market. In this blog, we will talk about some fintech stocks that you can rely on.

PayPal holdings

PayPal is an American company specializing in global payments with peer-to-peer encryption of Venmo. It is a leading company that is not just restricted to online money transfer and has its roots flourished in the making of invoice and electronic money orders and cheques as well. These factors sideline the traditional banking system as it helps people in choosing fintech over centralized finance.

PayPal stocks have increased by 75% and seen an increase in investor sentiment at about US$210 billion after the pandemic.

Visa Inc

You must’ve paid online using your credit or debit card and selected the option of Visa. A Visa card is a financial company on a multinational level that provides financial services like online transfer of funds in partnership with financial institutions (e.g. banks) across the globe. This payment card has sealed the deal in the market by being the second-largest card payment company in the world after UnionPay.

Visa’s shares traded at $143 and have witnessed an overall growth by 20% mark in the stock market up till now. As per its Wikipedia data, Visa Inc. had total net revenue of US $10,866 million in 2020.


Square is another beast after PayPal offering similar services in comparison to the later one up to a certain extent. The company is headquartered in California and was founded to provide financial solutions and digital payments. The idea was formed when Jim McKelvy (one of the founders) couldn’t accept the payment through a credit card for a sale of $2000. One of its products includes CashApp, a P2P money transferring application and website with over 34 million active users after it started accepting payments in BTC.

Square had net revenue of US$213 million in the year 2020 and an increase of revenue by 49% in the fiscal year of 2018.


The last one on the list of fintech stocks is Finserv, one of the oldest fintech companies. Fiserv, founded in 1984, is the largest multinational fintech company in America dealing with payment and financial services. It gained a surge in its ranking in the year 2015 and bagged the third spot in the category of technology in the US. Fiserv provides financial services to banks and credit banks, thrifts, and other finance companies.

Currently, Fiserv is the leading force in the market. It is straightaway competing with the big names of fintech stocks like Square and Shopify. As of 2020, its total revenue was total US$14.85 billion. The company’s current-year earnings have increased up to 0.4% since last year.

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