How Do We Mint NFT for Free?

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With the emergence of NFT in the digital world, it has created a hype that it won’t be easy to create and sell your NFT without spending money on it. But it has become easy to mint NFT without paying a gas fee. Check out how NFT Marketplace will help you to do so!

The popularity of non-fungible tokens is expanding day by day, and NFTs exchange volume establishes new standards. We can say it’s not hype; from the last quarter of 2021, the NFT market created $10.67 billion, which is more than a 700% expansion contrasted with the past quarter.

In the digitized world, NFTs are remarkable resources that you can trade. Thus, more people are entering this market and trying to mint NFT, even if it is a picture, GIF, video, or even a piece of music. Don’t fear the minting cost if you also want to create your NFT and earn money. We can tell you the ways to do minting free of cost.

Let’s go into details to know the significance of minting is and how you can do it without paying the gas fee.

Minting NFT and its Significance

NFTs are very much like actual properties. Presently, different blockchains support NFTs, including BSC, Trone, EOS, and Ethereum as the most well-known ones. This process is named minting, changing the computerized records of NFTs into resources on different blockchains like Ethereum. By minting NFTs, you perpetually store tokens on computerized records so no one can alter or erase them. All in all, you can consider these blockchain tokens as evidence of possession for resources and merchandise.

Besides, NFT proprietors can decide their commissions for them also. This implies that at whatever point the purchaser sells an NFT, the first proprietor will get a commission. In this way, NFTs become a piece of the blockchain, and you put them into dissemination like genuine coins.

A typical interaction to mint an NFT is to download an Ethereum wallet and afterward transfer your NFT into a commercial center to mint it. With this technique, you could not mount NFTs free of charge, and you would need to pay for it! Nonetheless, track to figure out how to avoid this costly procedure.

Minting NFT Free of Cost

NFT can be minted with many tools without undergoing the coding process, but you have to pay the gas fees for all those tools to do the minting of NFT. These costs will frequently fluctuate contingent upon the number of individuals attempting to mint NFTs simultaneously.

For instance, gas fees will be higher toward the end of the week as more customers are available on the same software. On a moderately peaceful day, gas costs can be pretty much as low as $2, though, on a more bustling day, you can be hoping to pay $32 to mint your NFT. This is a critical value climb and one that may have a significant effect between you minting only one NFT or more.

Nonetheless, the OpenSea application is now launched with a fantastic feature that will let you leave behind all your worries. The collection manager feature allows you to make your own NFTs free of charge without paying any extra gas fee.


OpenSea is the first launched app where you can make your NFT. This application is straightforward to understand and use later on. It permits you to make the token with the expectation of complimentary quickly and effectively.


Here is a minting procedure without a gas fee on the Opensea application.

Make a Metamask account.

To login into Opensea, you needn’t bother with a username/secret key combo or an email. You want to log in by connecting the record with a crypto wallet.

MetaMask is one such wallet that you can make for nothing. Add this extension to your Chrome program and get everything rolling to download or introduce anything. In the wake of adding the chrome extension, follow the means to get your MetaMask account by creating your passphrase and keep the record safe by writing it anywhere.

Change to Polygon Network

Most individuals don’t know that the MetaMask wallet permits clients to hold tokens on various networks separated from the genuine Ethereum wallet. As the expense of Ethereum is exceptionally high, and we would rather not spend an immense measure of gas charge (the expense of stamping) while at the same time making our NFT, we will change to the Polygon network. This is the way to do that.

Click on the dropdown page and fill out the data that is asked in the following way:

Click save, and afterward select the recently added network from the dropdown that showed Etherium Mainnet. Now it will show Matic Mainnet.

Get some MATIC streaming.

When we change the network to the Matic manner, we can likewise add some token into it by utilizing a few Faucets, the free sites, so that you can begin free of cost. You can select either Matic. supply or Macncheese. finance.

Visit these connections and follow the means referenced there, which generally provides your MetaMask ID. You will see the MATIC tokens in your wallet within a couple of moments.

Make an OpenSea account.

Since we have the MetaMask wallet set up and some MATICs streaming in, let us connect it to our Opensea account.

  • Visit on MetaMask
  • Choose the MetaMask wallet that we made seconds ago
  • Give the necessary information to make the Opensea account and account is made.

Mint your NFT

Now the amazing thing to do is on board; that is minting. You must be excited because you have done the problematic one before.

  • Click on the Create button close to the upper right corner of the interface, which takes you to this point of interaction.
  • After that, upload your NFT; it may be a picture, a gif, or even a piece of music.
  • Give the required data.
  • Make sure to change the option from Ethereum to polygon network to avoid the gas fee.
  • Now, click the option create, and you will see your NFT will be minted.

Hence, it’s done.

Bottom Line

The NFT market’s prominence is developing rapidly, and more individuals get involved each day. Be that as it may, stamping NFTs isn’t for nothing when utilizing conventional techniques. To put it unexpectedly, you should burn through cash to sell your art. Yet, Opensea has made it feasible for nothing. Utilizing the Opensea module, you can mint NFTs free of charge and incorporate this ability into your ventures.

The remarkable collection manager feature of Opensea would make it feasible for you to change your simple craft of NFTs into computerized resources. Now, head over to the above instructions, follow the steps and the directions thoroughly, and begin minting NFTs free of cost!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of minting an NFT?

Minting costs depend upon the platform you are using to mint your NFT. The gas fee for that application will vary, depending on the crypto coin or wallet you are using to mint NFT. But on average, it ranges from $70 to $100.

What is the reason for the high costs of minting?

Minting is usually done with the highly demanding and used crypto coin, Ethereum. The transaction over this coin is done rarely because of high demand. That’s why the gas fee increases correspondingly.

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