International Business Magazine Award 2021

International Business Magazine Award 2021

Caizcoin, which integrates modern blockchain technology with Islamic rules, is continuing to create an impact in the crypto industry. International Business Magazine has also recently awarded two awards “Most Innovative Islamic Financial Provider Central Europe 2021” and “First Islam Compliant Cryptocurrency Provider Central Europe 2021” to Caizcoin. Caizcoin won the award for striving harder for attaining supreme quality service. Another reason was that it provides an extraordinary investment platform for its clients.

Alignment with Islamic principles

Caizcoin concentrates more on providing a financial solution that connects the Islamic and modern worlds. Its uniqueness with ethical and moral values make it more secure to Muslims and other investors in the world. The objective is not to hold money but to use the money in the best interest of investors.

Accessible and trustworthy to Investors

Caizcoin has gained a lot of popularity in a very short period. It was founded in Germany in 2018. The coin will soon be listed in all major global exchanges. This will make it accessible to investors all around the world. Caizcoin has also created a company in the name of Caiz Holding AG. The company is working on new technology to bring revolution to the Crypto world. This company makes Caizcoin more reliable and improves investors’ confidence and trust. It also guarantees that Caizcoin will not involve itself in any unethical activities in the long run.

Competent Management

The company’s management consists of former board members, a former judge-notary, a compliance and audit officer, and a lawyer as secretary. The company has created a successful world-class cryptocurrency due to all these experts’ vision and efforts. This cryptocurrency is for all investors around the world. It mainly benefits the Islamic community who were struggling to reap the benefits of advanced blockchain technology.

ISO Certified

The company has received various certificates including ISO 22301 and ISO 9001:2015. These certificates not only fuel their vision, but also strengthen the platform’s legitimacy, certify the system’s quality management, and guarantee the community of its legality.

Low Transaction Cost

Caizcoin offers a very low transaction fee, which makes it possible for investors to trade smoothly all over the globe. Further, it can manage 3000 transactions per second in each ledger. Every transaction takes around 3 seconds to complete. Moreover, it generates a new ledger after every 5 seconds.

Transparency at every step

Caizcoin not only promotes ethics and values but also provides its investors with complete transparency and security. Caizcoin believes that transparency is one of the significant aspects of its principles.

High Standard Blockchain

The Caizcoin team has worked hard to introduce its native blockchain Caizchain. This has surpassed all its competitors due to its high standard functioning abilities. The blockchain provides quicker and anonymous transactions, low transaction fees, integration with high security API. These features will make it unbeatable in the crypto world.

Safe and Secure

The Caizcoin developer’s team has launched a high-secure wallet to reduce the risk by providing maximum security of information. It transforms data that is simple to understand for investors. The team’s vision is to develop a platform that is safe and secure from any kind of criminal activity. The team also ensures that their users remain satisfied.

Final notes

Caizcoin is a unique and first decentralized finance platform with Islamic compliance blockchain. This idea of integrating modern blockchain technology with Islamic values and principles makes it different from other cryptocurrencies. The developers have also clarified that the coin is globally accessible to everyone and the inclusion of Islamic values provides additional security to this coin.

Overall, the concept is to meet the investors’ needs. It can only be achieved by providing alignment with Islamic values, expert management, a certified platform, transparency at every step, low transaction costs, and safe and secured services. Caizcoin has ticked all these boxes in this regard. This achievement makes it the most reliable and best service provider among others.

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