Must-Have Features for successful NFT Marketplace

4 min readDec 24, 2021


NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a unique digital token, stored on a digital ledger, bought, and sold online. These digital transactions make someone the owner of a song, a piece of art, a video, an app, a game, or an image. It was impossible to claim the ownership of digital art before the introduction of NFTs. NFTs operate on blockchain technology to provide proof of ownership.

Like other commodities, NFTs require the platform to buy and sell. In the next few lines, we will discuss the core features of the NFTs marketplace that can make them distinct from other digital currencies. The critical features of the NFT marketplace include but are not limited to:


It is a key feature of the NFT marketplace. A successful NFT marketplace usually has a storefront that operates like a dashboard. It provides users with all the information required for an asset. For example, bids, previews, owners, price/value history, etc.

Search Items

A user expects complete data on items they need urgently, with minimum effort. NFT marketplace platform should have every product arranged with some features (such as images, art, videos, music, memes). Advance and quick search functions make the buying process faster. It also enhances customer satisfaction.


Another way to improve customers’ experience is by adding a filter function. The functionality is the same as discussed above. Users should have the option to sort items by categories like due time, payment method, and artist. It can help users to choose the right product quickly and effortlessly. Moreover, it increases the possibility of buying the items.


The NFT marketplace should provide a user-friendly experience for both buyers and sellers. A well-designed NFT development provides a step-by-step path to creating a listing quickly with no obstacles. Therefore, NFT developers need to ensure that users need minimum effort to create and send digital collectibles. This can be done by generating a page, where customers can submit files, typing in the detailed item data. Information like tags, title, and description is a must. The marketplace should also provide clear instructions along with forms that provide selling information.

Listing Status

Both buyers and sellers in an NFT marketplace transaction require information about the method. For both parties, the marketplace can list information about the number of people who have viewed the file and bids during an auction. Buyers want to know that a file has a skilled authentication process before they generate

a sale. This option allows a status confirmation procedure which can be useful for implementing collectible verification.

Buying and Auction

NFT developers can offer your site a few selling mechanisms. This feature can be proved critical as it allows both purchase and bidding on items. It appeals to users who are interested in manipulating the prices instead of buying collectibles at their initial asking price. This auction feature comes with a bid validity date to it. In addition, the NFT marketplace provides real-time information about the status of the offers. It helps bidders to make a more informed decision.


Users require a secure place to receive and store their NFTs. Like other pieces of financial data, tech-savvy customers are also concerned about certain threats to the security of funds. A new NFT marketplace should allow users to operate with their trending crypto wallet solutions.


It is an option for both buyers and sellers. This feature is helpful for newbies who have no idea where to begin from, how the system operates, and how to choose items quickly. Customers are more likely to do transactions with those whom other users consider reliable and trustworthy. It can also help prevent negative attitudes such as misrepresentation or abandoning the transaction before the smart contract becomes effective. Thanks to this feature, the platform’s users can rate others and give their opinion based on their experience. Moreover, high-performance users with top ratings can enjoy more benefits of this feature than others.

Based on the discussion above, it is easy to understand and determine the features of an NFT marketplace platform. The decision of whether to apply for a readily available instrument or create a solution from scratch is also an important decision to make.

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